Privacy Policy

1. General information

Terms of service of BioSinhron web shop ( further: web shop) give conditions of purchase of products that are sold by BioSinhron d.o.o. (further: seller), registered for on-line shopping. Web shop enables you to buy products from web page.

Terms of service are public and always available. The seller warns the clients about the terms and demands their agreement to the terms before finalizing the purchase. If the client doesn’t agree to the terms of agreement, he/she can’t finalize the purchase. The seller keeps the right of changing the terms at any moment without any notice. The changes are valid since the date of publish. Any changes are obligatory for all participants.

2. Terms used in the web shop

In the web shop we use following terms:

User of the web shop is the person who uses the web shop.
Buyer in the web shop is every person that wishes to make a purchase via web shop.
Order or purchase are every products that the buyer orders via web shop.

3. The order

Web shop purchases are enabled 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The order can be made by a private person only.

The order becomes valid and not cancelable when the buyer presses the “place order” button, after which the seller sends an electronic acceptance of the order to the buyer. That electronic confirmation is not confirmation that the product in question is on stock or that it was send out to the buyer. The order will be confirmed and delivered in 2-5 work days after being received. When the payment is visible on the sellers bank account the order is considered to be payed.

If the product in question isn’t on stock or cannot be produced for some reason, the seller will electronically inform the buyer. In case of mistake the buyer can cancel the order without extra costs until the moment he/she receives the confirmation of order being sent.

If the seller considers there has been abuse of the web shop he can cancel the order unilaterally.

By sending an order the buyer confirms he/she is familiar with this terms of service and agrees with them.

4. Process of making the purchase

4.1 Na voljo do sklenitve kupoprodajne pogodbe so naslednji koraki:

  • Browsing the web site looking for wanted product
  • Selecting the wanted product at the web site
  • Putting the selected product into the basket
  • Choosing the amount of products
  • Price overview of the selected product in selected amounts
  • Buyer info
  • Adding buyers address
  • Order overview with costs of delivery
  • Confirmation and sending order by clicking the “place order” button.

4.2 Technical devices for recognizing and correcting possible mistakes before sending the order

Before the buyer makes an order he/she is enabled to:
  • View the products in the basket
  • View the price of the selected product and the total price of the order
  • View prices and quantity of all products selected
  • Change the amount of the selected products
  • Remove unwanted products from the basket
  • The seller keeps the register of all orders.

5. Prices

All prices are based on Croatian kunas calculated in euros and they include Croatian value added tax (25%). Prices do not include delivery costs. Valid discounts are included in final price. The validity of discounts will always be visible on the web page. Discounts will be automatically calculated with the total price of the products. If for any reason discount is not calculated with the final price the buyer is obligated to inform the seller about the mistake. If the buyer pays total price it is considered he agreed to the price without complaint and the seller is not obligated to approve later complaints. The seller keeps the right to approve the complaint if he considered the complaint is valid after which he returns the extra money to the buyer.

The seller also keeps the right of changing product prices on daily basis.

6. Payment options

If you are placing an order out of territory of Republic of Croatia or Republic of Slovenia, currently the only ways you can make payment is via net banking. After making an order you will receive an advance invoice with payment data. The payment is considered made when it’s visible at the seller’s bank account. The seller keeps the ownership of the products until they are fully payed for.

7. Delivery

We are sending the products via Croatian Post (Hrvatska Pošta). Costs of delivery are following for different countries:

For customers from Croatia, an additional cost of 6.00kn ransom is added.

8. Time of delivery

Time of delivery is approx. 5 work days. For the products out of stock time of delivery is about 1 week. If the products need to be specially ordered or produced and time of delivery is beyond 2 weeks the buyer will be electronically noticed by the seller.

9. Return of the products

The buyer has the right of informing the seller of cancellation of the order without any given reason within 14 days since receiving the delivery. He/she sends his decision in written to the e- mail address The costs of delivery of the products and delivery back to the seller are to be covered by the buyer.

Time of cancellation starts when the buyer receives the products. The buyer has to inform the seller about cancellation in unambiguous way. The cancellation will be considered valid if it’s made within 14 days since receiving the products. The seller has to return the money to the buyer within 14 days since receiving the cancellation. The seller keeps the right of holding back the money until the products are delivered back to the seller or until the buyer provides an evidence of delivery being sent to the seller. The buyer must send the original invoice. Though not obligated, we would want to know the reason for the cancellation. The seller keeps the right not the accept the cancellation and returned products if they are damaged in any way, the product or the embalage. In case of returning the products the buyer sends them to following address.

BioSinhron d.o.o.
Muhvić Antuna 52
51303 Plešce, Croatia

In case the buyer wants to change the product for a different one not due to any complaint, he/she will cover all delivery costs and the possible price difference..

10. Complaints

The seller is responsible to give out high quality products. If the products contain any kind of industrial error, the buyer can send a complaint to e-mail address with a copy of original invoice. The seller will reply to the buyer within 5 work days and inform him/her about the following procedure.

11. Dispute resolving

The buyer can always address the seller with any form of complaint. The seller will in proper time reply with his opinion of solving the matter.

If the parties can not agree on solving the matter the jurisdiction is on Općinski sud u Rijeci (County court of Rijeka).

12. Responsibility

The seller is not responsible for possible consequences of using the web shop. The seller has intention to give the most accurate information about the products, but unintentional mistakes about prices, delivery time, product description are possible. The seller respects honest and fair business practice. The seller expects the buyer will closely look into the total price before making the payment, and if noticing any mistakes or irregularities he/she will inform the seller. By making the transaction the buyer is considered to confirm the validity of order. Photographs of the products may not display the real image of the products.

13. Keeping buyers personal data

Any information give by the buyer are secret and will be used according to the Personal information protection law. They will be used only for the purposes the buyer will consent to and will be keep classified by the seller.

14. Use and saving of the personal data

The users allow BioSinhron d.o.o. to use their personal information according to the Personal information protection law. By allowing to use the information the user also agrees to the information being used for the purpose of making surveys, segmentation, statistic reports, market research, informing about new offers, sending e-newsletters and marketing products.

Information will only be used by BioSinhron and the person who will process the data for BioSinhron d.o.o. and will not be processed to any their parties. The information will be used until the user sends a demand to be erased from the data base. The user has right to see the information we hold and to change them.

We wish you pleasant internet shopping in BioSinhron web shop!