Use and saving of the personal data

The users allow BioSinhron d.o.o. to use their personal information according to the Personal information protection law. By allowing to use the information the user also agrees to the information being used for the purpose of making surveys, segmentation, statistic reports, market research, informing about new offers, sending e-newsletters and marketing products.

Information will only be used by BioSinhron and the person who will process the data for BioSinhron d.o.o. and will not be processed to any their parties. The information will be used until the user sends a demand to be erased from the data base. The user has right to see the information we hold and to change them.

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Keeping buyers personal data

Any information give by the buyer are secret and will be used according to the Personal information protection law. They will be used only for the purposes the buyer will consent to and will be keep classified by the seller.