WonderStep achieves an outstanding reflex – zone foot massage. The massage wheels are rounded off so as to give a pleasant feeling even at increased pressure.

Regular WonderStep exercise:
  • Considerably activates leg muscles,
  • increases blood circulation to limbs,
  • improves blood circulation through the whole body,
  • has positive effects on your health.

BioSinhron® – Instructions for use PDF


WonderStep may be used in a sitting or lying position. WonderStep is made from easy-care materials with the massage surfaces for the left and the right foot being separated and in a comfortable as well as ergonomically appropriate distance from each other.

With WonderStep we can exercise legs and abdominal muscles. We lower the feet on the wheels so that the heel is on the ground, and two-thirds of the sole and toes are on the pedal.In turns (squeeze the left, release, squeeze the right, release and so on) we press the pedals and are careful that the heel remains on the floor, so that we feel the leg muscles, abdominal and back muscles, and especially the calf (popliteal) muscle, the auxiliary heart pump. If during the pressing, the heels rise and the intensity of the pressing is too great, we can remove one of the movable springs.

Hand therapy is similar to foot therapy. When doing the therapy, it is important that when pressing we lower the wrist to the end (the final row of wheels), while keeping the finger and the rest of the palm on the stepper. We press so, that in turns (left, right) we press the movable part so that the palm moves in the wrist and in the meantime don’t lift the remaining part of the palm, so to press only with the fingers.


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