BioSinhron CIRCLE therapy is a group therapy in which up to 6 individuals can participate. The first therapies are always guided, later the group can function independently. Both approaches have proven to be very effective, for both residents and employees, who typically have a higher number of jobs and assignments.


How does BioSinhron works?

Check out BioSinchron short demo video.


Increase vital energy and reduce stress.

Physical fitness and health

Improve fitness and enhance your health.

Health issues

Alleviate health problems and pain, recover faster and strengthen your immune system.


Regularly care for relaxation, better well-being and a healthy lifestyle.

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Benefits of group therapy

BioSinhron group therapy is beneficial because:

increases the satisfaction with living and staying in the Home,

sense of belonging and equivalence,

encourage collaboration and interpersonal cognition and understanding,

actively fills free time,

offers help in activities,

offers interpersonal learning a new concept of motor skills, which connects them to each other,

reduces the feeling of loneliness,

restores feelings of acceptance among the elderly,

spontaneously unite previously incompatible residents,

effective program for quality aging.

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