Electronic device for pulsating magnetic fields therapy.

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169.00 €

Simag is a simultaneous magnetic generator, which generates pulsating magnetic fields of different frequencies. It effectively alters the electric potential of our body’s nerves and cells, providing essential pain-relief effects and accelerates the healing process of injuries tissues.

Simag is safe for use without possible side effects. Its use is also recommendable as a prevention treatment, for boosting energy levels and enhancing immune system.


Simag is an electronic part of BioSinhron that can also be used independently. It is suitable for people of all age.

Lately it has gained much attention in sport injury rehabilitation. Magnetic therapy dates back to ancient times and is one of the oldest natural therapeutic treatments known to man. It took quite a while to develop a personal use, handheld device which provides a focused treatment field of multiple wavelengths of active-fluctuating magnetic fields. Since the launch of first Simag in 1988, the device has seen numerous improvements, but its basic function stays the same.

Pathological state Frequency in Hz (programs) Duration of therapy (min) Device position
Infections 1-4(A) 25 chest
Gallbladder infection 5-7(B) 20 mid spine
Nerve inflammation 17-19(E) 30 place of pain
Rib muscle inflammation 11-15(C,D) 35 place of pain
Bladder infection 5-7(B) 20 groin
Swelling 10 (C) 20 place of swelling
Pains 15-19 (D, E) 25 place of pain
Headache/migraine 3-15 (A, B, C, D) 20 head/right side
Lumbago 6-12 (B,C) 25 place of pain
Sciatica 15-19 (D, E) 25 place of pain
Rheumatism 9-18 (C, D, E) 30 rheumatic area
Arthrosis 15-19 (D, E) 25 limbs
Arthritis 8-18 (B, C, D, E) 30 limbs
Damaged lowerspine disc 10-15 (C,D) 25 back
Nervousness 1-6 (A, B) 20 chest
Sleep disorders 1-4 (A) 30 chest
Depression 1-5 (A, B) 30 chest
Dystonia 5-8 (B) 30 chest
Dizziness 8-15 (B, C, D) 30 neck area
Stress 1-8 ( A, B) 20 chest
Heart palpitations, Tachycardia 1-8 (A, B) 30 chest
High blood pressure 1-4 (A) 20 chest
Low blood pressure 9-16 (C, D) 20 chest
Weakened blood circulation 7-14 (B, C, D) 30 chest
Meteoropathy 1-5 (A, B) 30 chest
Skin allergies 8-15 (B, C, D) 30 chest
Allergic rhinitis 8-12 (B, C) 20 chest
Asthma, bronchitis 6-18 (B, C, D, E) 30 chest
Incontinence 8-12 (B, C) 20 groin
Prostate 5-14 (B, C, D) 25 groin
Digestion 1-19 (A, B, C, D, E) 25 stomach
Menstrual problems 5-8 (B) 30 groin
Healing of wounds 8-18 (B, C, D, E) 30 place of injury
Healing of bones 12-15 (C, D) 35 place of injury
Diabetes 9-12 (C) 20 chest
Immune system 4-8 (A, B) 20 chest